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Judy Martin, LCSW
(Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

BA in Psychology
 (Skidmore College)

MSW in Psychiatric Social Work
 (University of Pittsburgh)

Judy specializes in stress
management and lifestyle
counseling.  She has
studied and taught stress
management, meditation
and mind/body healing
 for over 35 years.


Change Begins in the Mind

We are all on a journey to learn how to heal ourselves.

Stress can cause a variety of physical and mental difficulties.

Psychotherapy & Stress Management helps people meet the challenges of everyday life including illness, chronic pain, grief, divorce,

 toxic relationships and self destructive habits.

The Mind/Body is inseparable and an impact on one often affects the other, both positively and negatively.

Psychotherapy & Stress-Management treats the whole person; mind, body and spirit.  Mind-Body Psychotherapy helps you release toxic emotions such as worry, anger, fear, guilt, depression and
resentment. Learn to let go of stress reactions and bring balance and wellbeing into your life. 



Attain a Clear Mind, Healthy Body &
Free Spirit

Psychotherapy & Stress Management Services
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